Mr. Botor, The Mighty Quinn and Me

Joe Case is a burned out free lance writer. He and his dog, The Mighty Quinn, get out of town for a relaxing day trip. It turns into a few days after Joe meets an elderly man who has an amazing story to tell. Joe settles in with Quinn and Joe begins to listen to the story. It gets more fantastic and unbelievable as it unrolls.
Through technology barely in common use, Joe finds a way to record the events. He is given a computer having never seen one before. This goes to him meeting a local lady and he decides to relocate to the small town. Joe takes a fishing trip and meets an old recluse that changes his entire life.

The old recluse appears in various times and planes and personalities.
We experience easy country living, new friends, introduction to computers and even more fantastic we will witness space travel, European travel an the taste of good coffee and cookies. Not to mention friendship that will never die.