Lose Sight of the Shore

A volcanic eruption, in the far ocean, it sends a group of Islanders away to find a new life. They settle in what is now Central America. After four generations they have established themselves as the main human group around. A hierarchal lifestyle emerges and the young men are explorer and sailors. They Sail around what is now called the Caribbean. They call it the Sunrise Ocean. After a chance landing on an undiscovered peninsula (Florida). They meet a ship of Vikings. They get on well and both sides have a lot to offer. The Vikings are tired of freezing and the others just want adventure.

They join forces and sail into the rising sun, to hit land and a huge opening to a new lake. (The Mediterranean) They all think its nothing but a big lake and they explore what is now Spain and Italy, they find no people, so they set out to populate the land. They find evidence on a sandy hill on the other side of the straits. War, Adventure, sailing, families, paranormal feats abound.