Light From a Burning Bridge

The old saying about computers taking over our lives is, so far, just science fiction. Right? Ask six people involved in this series of Bridge books. The computers did not do it on its own, human errors are to blame. Errors and greed and criminal activities lead to a wild run through computers, building budding relationships and plain out and out conspiracy to defraud.

A young and then not so young girl is the main driver in this trip. She has the ability to read a computer program and remember every line once she has seen it. This leads to new arrangements and blackmail of sorts. Video games are just coming up on the horizon, these people are the pioneers in the sixties using technology from the twenty first century. Time travel is controlled by the programs in the computer. This is the crux of the story. Technology can serve us as well as ever, but it must be controlled. Sounds good, can it be done?