This book had its beginnings with the novel OBJECTIVE:FREEDOM, the international novel of the year for 2013. The series went on through eight individual books. This is a compilation of that series. Included are the original covers and the list of all of the characters in the series.

The states are in disarray due to the Federal Government defaulting on obligations. Government departments are downsized, some are eliminated, but too little, too late. A charismatic governor of Texas has put into motion a plan to take Texas and four other bordering states out of the union. These five states can, and have been self sufficient.

Success is tenuous thanks to outside influences from several other nations. Mexico is still running drugs, Iran is still fomenting revolution and violence. Strong men and women are there to join the states and stave off trouble by outside influences that are mainly haphazard at best, downright absurd in reality.

The success of the Southwestern country draws other states to the new nation, this cuts deeper into the United States and drives it to total bankruptcy and a military takeover of the country is all that can stop the total demolition of the USA. Lively characters, tragic characters, but characters all. This ranges from a man that seems to be a comic clown but holds the reins to a powerful business conglomerate, to a quiet, deadly efficient you military officer to various despots and bandits.