It is the late 60’s.  Entertainment consisted of movies, FOLLOW ME BOYS, SOUND OF MUSIC, THE GRADUATE; places to go for entertainment consisted of SHAKEYS Pizza and have sing alongs, or maybe a ride in the country side. Very few people, if any, have computers. But what if some of the people who did have computers were able to create realistic fantasy worlds where the game player could actually go into the game in a physical way? Could it be done? How would it be done? There could be, in fantasy, a group that had developed it and two men had stumbled on it. Now the question arises is why did they make these realistic games? Could it be money? Could it be fame? Could it be sinister? Only a few people know these answers.

Dan and Tim Shell weathered many adventures in cyber land. They had been transformed to digital figures and were used to try out games, from the actual action, not just on a screen. Dan and Tim got separated and Tim ended up spending three years in the computer. Dan carried on the typography business wondering if he would ever see his younger brother again. One day Time walked back into Dan’s life.

He had met a pixelated girl and they spent a lot of time together until Tim was pulled back.. Tim and Dan are dragged back in and learned more than they really could handle. The schemes and plans are wrecked from within. How that can be? That is the main point of the new story.