Ace Farmer is a low achiever and basically lazy just getting by. He, by accident, finds that he can travel through time. He is basically familiar with the rules of time travel and tries to violate a couple, to no avail.

Ace meets Reena accidently somewhere in the past. They are mutually attracted and have some adventures together. But lurking in another time zone is a menace that could destroy them, their budding romance, and possible the world that they live in. The differences in time and customs turn out to be nothing more than inconveniences. But, lurking in the shadows of time and space, are powerful people bent on dehumanizing the world to be the way that they wanted. They are over ridden by even more powerful forces. The finish is unexpected and the romance continues despite the fact that Ace is, due to time travel, 1000 years older than she. But the don’t think of it that way and they are shown that it matters not a bit.