Time To Embrace is a short work of fiction on the subject of time travel and was penned by author James Huber. Featuring a relationship in which both of the participants have different and equally complex timelines and time travel abilities, this conceptually intriguing work is suitable for all readers as there is no graphic content. An easy coffee table read to get lost in for an hour or so, the novella-length tale features Ace Farmer, who is lucky to have a gift for time travel and not have to work very hard in life. But when he meets Reena, who comes from a thousand years before his time, things get tougher.

There are plenty of classic moments of drama for fans of romance and relationship struggles to enjoy, as well as more developed foes and threats as the plot gets deeper towards the end of the tale. Anyone who enjoys playing with the concept of time is sure to read Time To Embrace and be filled with their own ideas of what they might do in Ace’s shoes. A really fun read.

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for readersfavorite.com