This is the long awaited sequel to the International Award winning novel: Christopher. The critically acclaimed story of Christopher left many questions unasked and unanswered. Now we see what the after math of the tumultuous times caused by one man’s greed and avarice and the solutions by one man, Christopher.

The next generation is slowly building an empire out of small beginnings left to them by Christopher and the rest of their family to include Lucille De Clerc and her husband, David A. They are menaced, once again, by a man from the past who failed in retribution against the family. The man was hired to drive the family apart. He failed, but being the stubborn thug that he is, he made a comeback. This time he has help from a professional terrorist and a group of Irish Republican Army Sinn Fein branch. The Feinians try to kidnap and coerce money out of the family. They learned that they were not dealing with a playboy and an office geek.

Action, adventure, European travel all put together makes for a fine companion to the novel Christopher. New characters are introduced and some old ones fade away. It is advisable to read the book Christopher before reading this one. It will decrease the odds of misunderstandings and will heighten your awareness of the problems the family has suffered.