A government project to explore time travel is instituted with volunteers. Things go very well until one team is lost. Other teams are out visiting things of interest including the Beatles in Yankee stadium, the World’s Fair in Nashville and one man’s birthplace. This will prove the effectiveness of the experiment. But can it stay hidden? This is a deep question to answer when you consider the number of people who have “disappeared”. Odd events and strange connections lead a new breed of forensic scientists to do exploring along with like scientists in several countries in Europe.

The government, as is their habit, decides to stop the project but the dedicated team goes out and finds their teammates. The team mates had long ago decided that they couldn’t get back so they settled into the primitive scene where they were stuck. A chance picture of cave drawings leads the boss to the site in time. When they get new time vehicles they go into time to affect various historical events such as, The D Day landings, and a strange sighting in Roswell, New Mexico.

The group of pioneers is lost in time but may have been found. But trouble looms as factions among the time pioneers cause a rift in unity and they face the awful project of dividing the team. There are some hot heads who demand to prove or disprove the laws of time travel. Now the rift is complete.

Although they were almost forgotten until a relative of one of the missing volunteer’s finds and artifact in the desert, there are several nefarious groups that would like to get their hands on it. If, a big if, the rumors are right, the findings could mean a total shift in world power and influence, if the wrong parties get ahold of it.

When this happens, the rumors are looked into and lead the relative to take extraordinary actions to prove the authenticity of the find. The government has shut down the operation rather than admit that it failed. Private enterprise picks it up and pushes back into time to find the volunteers. When they are found they are reluctant to come back to the current time. Jealousy, romance, action, adventure and physical travel as well as time travel are all included.